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OvPlex Study Expansion of UK Collaborators

HealthLinx Limited (HTX) in collaboration with Mr Khalil Razvi, South Essex Cancer Network and Dr John Green, University of Liverpool have increased the number of sites to be involved in the United Kingdom (UK) section the OvPlex™ second study. The UK will contribute up to 600 samples towards the second multi centre multi-national OvPlex™ study. The principal investigator Mr Khalil Razvi and Dr John Green have secured additional collaborators and include Liverpool Women’s Hospital and Clatterbridge Centre for Oncology. Sample collection has commenced and it is expected that with these additional centres involvement will only improve the catchment for patients that meet the study inclusion criteria. These samples contribute towards the 1150 patient samples that will be tested in the second study launched at HealthLinx’s Richmond laboratories by Victorian Government Minister for Innovation Gavin Jennings on 15 July 2010. The Victorian Government, through its VSA Investment Fund, awarded a grant of $750,000 to contribute towards the costs associated with the second study. “The advantages of having an international study for OvPlex™ are twofold” said HealthLinx managing director Nick Gatsios. “Not only do we have access to a wide range of samples to assist with further independent validation of OvPlex™ but, we also have the opportunity to work with expert clinicians who are leaders in gynaecological oncology in the United Kingdom.” To date the company has secured over 500 samples of which 450 will be used for the first stage of the second study. These results are expected in the 4th quarter this calendar year. This second study is in addition to the 220 patient study that began on 1 September 2010 in South Korea which is necessary to meet KFDA regulatory requirements to allow OvPlex™ to be sold.