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HTX: OvPlex Licensed for Israeli Market

HealthLinx Limited (HTX) has signed an exclusive OvPlex™ license agreement with Medison Pharma Limited, a leading Israeli marketing company focused on high quality pharmaceuticals, medical devices and diagnostics. Under the terms of the agreement Medison Pharma will endeavour to register and commercialise OvPlex™ in Israel. Israel is now the fourth jurisdiction to secure an OvPlex™ licence following Australia, United Kingdom and Singapore. “HealthLinx has been strategic in identifying distribution partners for OvPlex™ targeting key markets for ovarian cancer diagnostics and selected the best partners in these markets. Medison has recognised the superiority of our test and the health benefits to its customers,” says Mr Nick Gatsios managing director of HealthLinx. Medison Pharma's diagnostics division is highly active in the field of Personalised Medicine and exclusively markets Cepheid's GeneXpert® and AutoGenomics' Infiniti™ for a variety of personalised molecular tests in the fields of cancer, genetics, pharmacogenomics and infectious diseases. “Medison is proud to represent Healthlinx's OvPlex™ test in Israel. This service will enable the physicians with an early diagnosis of ovarian cancer and as a result provide an early treatment which might save women's lives," said Dr Eliane Markowitz, Medison's diagnostics division manager. "We are honoured to lead this emerging field," added Mr Meir Jakobsohn, Medison's president and CEO. Under the agreement Medison is granted exclusive rights for 10 years to market, distribute and sell the OvPlex™ panel in Israel. The Israeli population is approximately 7.5 million people with a relatively high incidence of the disease. Compared with Australia, Israel has double the rate of incidence of ovarian cancer. Medison will gain regulatory approval and HealthLinx will then receive double-digit royalties per unit on net sales. Ovarian cancer develops without overt symptoms and usually by the time it has been diagnosed the disease has spread beyond the ovaries and into the abdomen, bladder, bowel and omentum. Because there is no community-based screening test for ovarian cancer, over 75 percent of cases are diagnosed in the advanced stages and over 80 percent of these women will die within five years. If ovarian cancer is detected at an early stage and effectively treated, the survival rate is more than 80 percent. “The diagnostic market represents an increasingly attractive segment of the healthcare sector in the region. We are excited to reach Israel – one of the three countries in the world with the highest rates of ovarian cancer and an educated and affluent population. Licensing OvPlex™ to Medison, a clear leader in the marketing of diagnostics in Israel, should ensure excellent market penetration,” says Mr Gatsios. HealthLinx has also commenced its second larger study for OvPlex™ aiming to prove a diagnostic accuracy of over 97 per cent for early stage ovarian cancer. This larger study is based on 1150 new samples using existing OvPlex™ biomarkers and including two novel biomarkers AGR2 and HTX010. The objective is to cement the position of OvPlex™ as the world’s most accurate and efficient ovarian cancer diagnostic. This second study has also received support with a $750,000 grant from the Victorian State Government through the VSA Investment Fund.