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Worrior 7 On Line

Worrior7 OnLine We are please to inform shareholders that the Worrior7 well has been tied into the Worrior Oil Field facilities. The well commenced production at 2,300 barrels of oil per day (100% Joint Venture) from the McKinley Member of the Namur Sandstone. This flow rate was measured over a 5 hour period and then the well was shutin. Worrior7 was drilled in July 2010 to test the eastern extent of the Worrior Oil Field. The well was successful and encountered a 6 metre net oil column in the McKinlay Member of the Namur Sandstone and a 4 metre net oil column in the Birkhead Formation. Worrior7 has been completed as a tandem completion to access both these reservoirs. The Birkhead Formation will be tested after an initial production run from the McKinlay Member. The Worrior Oil Field reached tanktops and was shutin over the weekend as rain caused road closures and prevented offtake trucking access to the field. Once roads are reopened the Worrior7 well is expected to assist in boosting Cooper Energys production volumes and Proved Developed Reserves. The participants in the Worrior7 well are Stuart Petroleum (70% and Operator) and Cooper Energy (30%). Regards, Cooper Energy Limited Michael Scott Managing Director.