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Carpathian Resources Material Supply Agreement

Carpathian Resources Limited (Carpathian or the Company,  CPN) is pleased to announce material progress in the performance of Pro Fit Optix, a CPN controlled subsidiary company, following the appointment of optical industry veteran entrepreneur, Rudolf Suter, as Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO in June 2010. Pro Fit Optix has entered into an agreement with Advantica Eye Care, to provide complete eyewear services to its members in the United States of America. Advantica provides comprehensive dental and eye care plans for members across a national provider network. Initially covering over one million Medicaid vision plan lives, the program is expected to grow rapidly on the back of this platform, and expand into Medicare vision plans, increasing the utilisation of Pro Fit Optix8223s proprietary Acuity Vision System8223. Pro Fit Optix, headquartered in Dallas, Texas provides proprietary manufacturing, QA systems and proprietary technology, in the areas of Free Form Lens production technology and advanced Free Form Lens distribution.