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Medic Vision Business Wire 2 Year Contract

Business Wire (A Berkshire Hathaway Holdings Company) formalizes a 2 year supplier contract with cBox Pty Ltd for access to media distribution services to Australia and New Zealand cBox Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Medic Vision Limited: MVH (soon to be renamed Media3Corp) will provide a media distribution platform in Australia and New Zealand for Business Wire, including; on‐line and future mobile applications’ media distribution services. Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is utilized by the top global companies worldwide to enhance and communicate investor relations and public relations content to target audiences. As a recognized disclosure vehicle in the United States, Canada, the UK, France, Germany and other EU markets, Business Wire facilitates the simultaneous flow of market‐moving press releases from corporations to financial markets and their audiences, including regulatory authorities, media, investors, financial information systems and consumer news services. Business Wire has dual headquarters in San Francisco and New York, with 30 bureaus in cities including Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Paris, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Tokyo, Toronto and Sydney and reciprocal offices throughout the world. Business Wire's patented NX data platform enhances news release interactivity, social media sharing and search engine optimization. As stated by Mr Jitto Arulampalam, (Chairman MVH) “This landmark opportunity was secured by cBox as a result of expanding its media offering through the development of its internal customer integration processes and its relationship with its media supplier Seeking Media (an Australian based media distribution and PR company). This project has created a unique situation for cBox who are now in the enviable position of being able to offer all its clients the highly advanced media distribution service. In a reciprocal way, the recent agent’s agreement with Business Wire has also allowed cBox access to Business Wire’s expansive global media data base, this is an amazing opportunity for cBox clients, who will now have available to them a high quality global media data base. There will be a further announcement regarding the more intricate details of this deal in the coming weeks.