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Telecom Advise Change to NZX 4th Quarter Dividend Ex Date

Telecom previously advised that the Ex Date for its 4th quarter dividend on the NZX was 6 September 2010. NZX is currently in the process of implementing a new settlement system and has consequently advised that the Ex Date for Telecom’s 4th quarter dividend will now be 1 September 2010. All other dividend dates remain unchanged as follows: "Ex" dividend dates New Zealand Stock Exchange 1 Sep 2010 (previously 6 Sep 2010) Australia Stock Exchange 30 August 2010 New York Stock Exchange 31 August 2010 Books closing dates New Zealand, Australia Stock Exchanges 3 September 2010 New York Stock Exchange 2 September 2010 Payment dates New Zealand, Australia 17 September 2010 New York 24 September 2010