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ImpediMed First Managed Care Contract

ImpediMed Limited today announced its first contract with a US managed careorganisation for use of its LDex technology as an aid in the clinical assessment of lymphoedema in female breast cancer patients. The National Preferred ProviderNetwork (NPPN), a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), represents 3.5 million members. "An important goal in the company's capital raising over the last twelve months has been to build our managed care team and it is gratifying to put in place our first managed care contract. We are excited about the partnership with NPPN, which can provide reimbursement of LDex testing for its members throughout theUSA" said Greg Brown, ImpediMedAs CEO. A"NPPN is a national PPO that contracts with health insurance providers to assist physicians within their network with reimbursement for services provided. Payment to physicians for LDex testing is the main driver of our business model and ImpediMed looks forward to working with NPPN as we reach out to breast surgeons, surgical oncologists and cancercenters across their network to inform them of this contract. "Networks provide a physician friendly means for introducing new technologies"commented Dr. Walton Taylor, ImpediMedAs US Medical Director. PPOs can take on the financial risk associated with the treatment of specified groups of patients. These networks benefit when the cost of caring for those patients is lower than the fees they charge insurance providers for that medical coverage. Health economics will play an important role as ImpediMed advances its goal of building more and more contracts with key managed care organisations. NPPN manages physician claims with their contracted payer clients. For the balance of 2010, physician claims will continue to utilize a miscellaneous code forLDex testing. After January 1, a technology specific Category III code becomes effective. Payments processed by NPPN will typically be discounted off the physician fee, which based off surgeon feedback on the miscellaneous code, should reflect a payment in the range of $100 to $180 to the provider for the testing. Across the United States, ImpediMed is continuing discussions with a variety of managed care organisations, public and private health insurance providers and the provider networks contracted with to provide medical services. The company sees other opportunities to provide effective reimbursement by working with PPO, Independent Physician Associations (IPAAs), Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOAs), medical groups and traditional health insurance providers. NPPN is part of the Coalition America and is one of the fastest growing Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO) in the nation and offers its participating providers access to several million covered lives through insurance carriers, third party administrators, Taft Hartley Plans, self administered employers and othermanaged care organisations. For providers, NPPN participation means access to a large network, an expanded patient base, faster payment and fair reimbursement. The NPPN community fosters closer relationships between providers and payers.