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Constellation Intention to Delist From ASX

Constellation Announces Intention to Delist From ASX. Company cites low level of trading in company CDIs 24 August 2010 Constellation Brands, Inc (CBR) (Constellation or the Company) today announced that it has sought removal from the official list of ASX Limited (ASX) and suspension of trading in its CHESS Depositary Interests (CDIs), from market close on 17 November 2010. Constellation was admitted to the official list of the ASX on 7 April, 2003 and the Company currently trades on the ASX by way of CDIs. Since joining the ASX in 2003, many CDI holders have sought to convert their CDIs to the underlying Constellation Class A Common Stock. As a result, CDIs representing Constellation Class A Common Stock now represent less than 1% of Constellation's issued and outstanding equity. Constellation has a low level of CDIs quoted on the ASX, with very low levels of trading when compared to its equity on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). As a result of this, coupled with the additional complexity of administration and compliance associated with the listing of the CDIs on the ASX, Constellation has made the business decision to delist from the ASX. Constellation's Class A Common Stock and Class B Common Stock continue to be traded on the NYSE and investors seeking to purchase shares in the Company may still do so on the NYSE. The delisting process does not impact the Company’s Australian business operations. Delisting process Constellation will send CDI holders a letter prior to the suspension of trading providing details of the delisting process which will outline: • The voluntary share sale facility that will be established following the date of suspension of ASX trading of Constellation's CDIs, that will be managed by Computershare (Constellation's Australian Share Registry) and BNY Mellon Shareowner Services (Constellation's stock transfer agent) to enable CDI holders to sell the underlying Class A Common Stock on the NYSE during the period from 30 November 2010 to 28 January 2011 by sending in a Sale Instruction Form (the "Voluntary Share Sale Facility”); • The arrangements for compulsory sale of the Constellation Class A Common Stock underlying any remaining Constellation CDIs, the sale of which will take place on the NYSE after the cessation of sales under the Voluntary Share Sale Facility between 31 January 2011 and 3 February 2011. Constellation will also identify in the letter steps that Constellation CDI holders could take if they wished to maintain their interest in the underlying Constellation Class A Common Stock by holding such Constellation Class A Common Stock in their own name. Indicative dates for the delisting process: 24 August 2010 Following the announcement of delisting for a period of three months CDI holders will be able to (1) sell their CDIs on the ASX at any time prior to the Suspension Date by contacting their ASX Participant (stock broker) or financial advisor, or (2) convert their CDIs, under the existing right, into the underlying Constellation Class A Common Stock. 17 November 2010 The Suspension Date - effective date of suspension in trading of Constellation CDIs on ASX. Please note that CDI holders will not be able to trade their CDIs on the ASX after this date. 24 November 2010 The Delisting Date - effective date of removal of Constellation from the Official List of the ASX. 30 November 2010 Opening date of the Voluntary Share Sale Facility. 28 January 2011 Closing date of the Voluntary Share Sale Facility. 31 January 2011 Opening date of the compulsory sale period. 3 February 2011 Closing date of the compulsory sale period.