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Solon Increases Shareholding in CBD

One of the largest manufacturers of solar modules and solar system technology in Europe, SOLON SE, has increased its shareholding in diversified renewable energy company, CBD Energy Limited (CBD), to 18.6 per cent of shares on issue. SOLON previously owned 9.27 per cent of CBD and has acquired the shares of I-Sol Ventures. This achieves a consolidation of SOLON’s interest and business connection with CBD. CBD distributes SOLON’s solar equipment in Australia, to retail and wholesale customers, enabling it to offer a European quality product as an alternative to product it sources from Australia, China and other locations. SOLON is a supplier of solar system technology for large-scale rooftop and greenfield installations. The SOLON Group has subsidiaries in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, and the U.S. and employs some 950 people worldwide. SOLON’s core business is producing solar modules and photovoltaic systems along with planning and constructing large rooftop installations and turnkey solar power plants internationally. Through CBD as its agent, SOLON last month concluded a supply agreement with Australian renewable energy company, Bright Generation, for its solar modules to be used in a product which achieves solar power and hot water in the one system.