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cBox Signs Contract with MVH

cBox Pty Ltd signs 18 month platform capacity contract with Mytel Voice & Data Pty Ltd Medic Vision Limited (MVH), soon to be renamed Media3Corp, is pleased to announce its subsidiary, cBox Pty Ltd has signed a 12 month platform capacity contract with Mytel Pty Ltd to cater for its increased volume in marketing services and has signed an 18 month platform capacity contract with Mytel Voice & Data Pty Ltd (Mytel) to cater for its increased volume in marketing services. Mytel is a next generation telephony company specialising in development of interface and delivery. Mytel is an Australian based IP telephony service provider focused on delivery of high quality on demand VoIP, data and fax services to small to medium businesses. Mytel have developed a ‘state of the art’ messaging platform for targeted delivery of high volume marketing and message services. This project was initiated to cater for the rapidly increasing volumes in the cBox business and provides the company with significant competitive advantage. According to MVH Executive Chairman, Mr. Jitto Arulampalam; the deal solidifies a strong relationship with Mytel who provide high quality telephony services. Mr. Arulampalam states “In the last 3 months of trial service, Mytel has proven to be a valuable partner to cBox and have gone beyond expectations by pioneering the development of a customized platform and capacity solution to cater for cBox’s ever growing volume needs. This deal has created a strong foundation for future projects which has already been identified on the horizon and which will add even greater value to both companies.” Mr. Arulampalam further states “Finding a supplier with similar values to cBox with delivery capabilities has been a difficult road domestically and internationally. Mytel offered a viable and cost‐effective solution in record time and their basic philosophy to ‘under promise and over deliver’ is very much in line with cBox’s core business values and customer service protocols.” Mytel’s CEO, Craig Lawrence states, “Mytel’s philosophy of adding value through rapid solution customization and integration sat perfectly with the aims of cBox. We are pleased to be associated with cBox and support their desire to remain flexible within the rapidly changing high growth mass media environment. cBox have combined the diversity of their offering with Mytel’s depth of capacity to produce an extremely flexible and compelling media offering. This strategic advantage is producing exponential growth that Mytel thoroughly welcome. We look forward to the release of further stages of the project and have confidence that new additions to their service bundle will result in new product opportunities and further exponential growth.”