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PSY Strategy to Target Adjacent 3D Market

Enhanced Strategy Targets Adjacent Segments in the 3D Market The Company is bringing to market a technology that will deliver worldleading high definition 3D cinema projection. The intent is to address needs across the whole value chain of the 3D market encompassing image capture and distribution of 3D content in addition to display. PSY will build a portfolio of enabling technologies to enhance the 3D experience. These may be developed inhouse, acquired or invested in, or accessed throughstrategic alliances. Panorama Synergy Limited (ASX Code PSY) today announced details of its business strategy forenabling 3D technology to enhance the 3D experience. The strategy builds on PSY. As corephotonic switch technology and broadens from the cinema projection application into adjacent 3D market segments. Panorama Synergy CEO, Terry Walsh said the intent is to address the whole value chain of the3D market from image capture to distribution of 3D content and ultimately, to display. The Company believes its current technology is directly positioned in the projection or displaysegment.  The Magneto Photonic Crystal (MPC) is a silicon chip that will replace digital lightprocessors in cinema projectors. This technology offers pixel switching speeds of up to 1,000 times faster than existing technologies, with the potential to deliver an 8 megapixel picture (4 megapixels per eye in a 3D format) at a cinema movie frame rate. PSY has now expanded its business model in order to fully realize the Company. As potential to become a market authority in the 3D world. Its approach firstly is to develop technologies in house where PSYhas intellectual property, existing relationships and contacts provide leverage. The MPC switch currently in development is a prime example. However PSY will also seek to extend itsenabling technologies through acquisition or strategic alliance where appropriate. "Panorama Synergy is committed to delivering a superior experience to the end user" Mr Walshstated. "We believe our technology will enable truly high definition 3D cinema projection forexample. Yet the entertainment industry is recording cinema with cameras that typically have less than 4 megapixels recording capability" he explained. "The next step in the supply chain, distribution, is also lagging behind the times. Key drivers in the industry are the impact of 3D content combined with real time demand offered by the internet, yet the movie still arrives in the can. Clearly there is room for innovation and growth in these 3Dmarket segments and we intend to fill that gap" he commented.