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TRO Share Purchase Plan and Private Placement

TriAusMin Limited (TSX:TOR; TRO) (“TriAusMin” or the “Company”) today announced that it intends to implement a share purchase plan (SPP) in conjunction with a private placement. New fully paid ordinary TriAusMin shares will be issued at 5 cents per share. Total funds raised under the SPP and placement will be capped at A$1.5 million. Placement The placement, to be made to sophisticated Australian investors, will be capped at 15 million shares, to be issued at A$0.05 per share (A$750,000 cap). Martin Place Securities Pty Ltd will act as broker to the placement. SPP Under the SPP, shareholders with registered addresses in Australia or New Zealand who were on the share register on 9 August 2010 will each be entitled to subscribe for up to A$15,000 dollars worth of shares at an issue price of A$0.05 per share. This price represents a discount of 16% to the A$0.06 closing price of TriAusMin shares on ASX on 6 August 2010 and 9 August 2010. Letters of offer and personalised bar-coded acceptance forms will be sent to eligible shareholders on or about 11 August 2010. The number of shares to be issued under the SPP will be capped at 15 million (A$750,000 cap). TriAusMin reserves the right to scale back applications at its discretion. The SPP will provide eligible shareholders with an opportunity to purchase shares in the Company at a discount to the current market price. The shares may be purchased without brokerage or other costs. In accordance with regulatory requirements a cleansing notice under Class Order 09/425 follows. Use of funds The Company will use the funds raised under the placement and SPP to conduct exploration drilling programs on its tenements, in particular, at the Lewis Ponds gold project near Orange, NSW and for working capital purposes. Update on Activities TriAusMin is exploring its major tenement positions in the Lachlan Fold Belt of New South Wales. In particular, the Company intends to focus its exploration programme on its gold assets at Lewis Ponds – a re-emerging gold district located 200 kilometres west of Sydney – while continuing to advance its substantial zinc and copper-rich base metal resources at the Woodlawn District, 200 kilometres to the south of Lewis Ponds. For further information, please visit or contact: Dr. Robert Valliant, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Head Office: Level 3, 50 Park Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia Tel: +61 02 9267 8000 (Sydney) In Canada: Tel: +1 905 727 8688 (Toronto) CLEANSING NOTICE UNDER SECTION 708A(5)(E) OF THE CORPORATIONS ACT TriAusMin Limited refers to the proposed placement and SPP at A$0.05 per share announced today and hereby notifies ASX under section 708A(5)(e) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Act) that: (a) TriAusMin will offer the shares without disclosure to investors under Part 6D.2 of the Act; (b) As at the date of this notice, TriAusMin has complied with the provisions of Chapter 2M of the Act as they apply to TriAusMin, and section 674 of the Act; and (c) As at the date of this notice, there is no information: (i) that has been excluded from a continuous disclosure notice in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules; and (ii) that investors and their professional advisers would reasonably require for the purpose of making an informed assessment of: A. the assets and liabilities, financial position and performance, profits and losses and prospects of TriAusMin; or B. the rights and liabilities attaching to the shares