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TIS: Japanese Patent Granted

VitroGro® Patent Granted in Japan Biomedical company, Tissue Therapies Limited (TIS) has announced today that the third in the family of core VitroGro® patents, “Skin Regeneration System” has been granted in Japan and the Deed of Letters Patent has been received by Tissue Therapies. This is in addition to the multiple VitroGro® patents already granted in the USA, South Korea, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The CEO, Dr Steven Mercer said, “To have this patent granted in Japan is an excellent further step in consolidating the world wide IP position of VitroGro®, particularly when Japan is one of the most important markets in East Asia. The examination process of the VitroGro® patents in all international jurisdictions is progressing smoothly and I am hopeful that we will have more patent announcements before the end of 2010.” Further information: Dr Steven Mercer CEO, Tissue Therapies Limited Telephone: +61 (0)7 3839 9938 Email: Tissue Therapies Limited is an Australian company developing biomedical technologies for wound healing, tissue repair and cell culture applications. The Company has worldwide exclusive rights to commercialise VitroGro®, a technology developed by tissue engineering experts at the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at QUT for enhancing cell growth and migration. VitroGro® has particular commercial applications in wound healing, tissue regeneration, stem cell therapies and other cell culture uses. Based on its VitroGro® technology, Tissue Therapies is developing more effective medical treatments for wound healing including chronic skin ulcers and burns. Tissue Therapies also provides cell culture reagents to enhance the growth of mammalian cells for emerging cell-based therapies, along with research and industrial cell culture markets internationally. More information: