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Entek Energy Update

Entek Energy Limited (“Entek” or the “Company”) provides the following update on the Company’s Green River Basin operations. Butter Lake 32-10 – The well has reached a depth of 1,265’ TVD and the 9-5/8’ casing has been run to 1,263’ TVD. The casing was set shallower than planned due to formations tops coming in shallower than predicted, indicating that shallow sand may be in structure. For safety reasons it was decided to set casing and BOPs before drilling into a potentially gas charged Merseverde Sand section. The casing has been cemented and pressure tested. Current operation running in hole to drill ahead. The workover rig is presently over the Robidoux 13-15T well, which was drilled in late 2009. The present operation is reaming at a depth of 6,898’ TVD preparatory to logging the well, and running slotted liner to enable production testing of the well. Consistent with the shows whilst drilling the well last year, additional hydrocarbons have been recovered at surface during the reaming operation. Once the current operation at Robidoux 13-15T is complete, the rig will move to Battle Mountain 14-15A. Battle Mountain 14-15A – The hole has been logged to identify the key intervals over which the perforation program has now been designed. The workover rig will be used to perform the perforation and testing after completing the current work on 13-15T. ENQUIRIES: RUSSELL BRIMAGE - CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER + 61 8 9213 4388 INFO@ENTEKENERGY.COM.AU.