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Drilling Program Approved

Lagoon Creek Joint Venture Northern Territory. NuPower Resources Limited (NUP) is pleased to announce that following the completion of the earn in period, the formal Joint Venture arrangements with Lagoon Creek Resources Pty Ltd (LCR), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canadian listed Laramide Resources Limited, for the ongoing exploration of the Lagoon Creek Tenement EL 23573 in the Westmoreland region of the Northern Territory, has commenced. Lagoon Creek Resources earned its 50% interest in the tenement through sole funding exploration expenditure totalling $3 million over preceding field seasons. LCR have been appointed Joint Venture managers. At the initial Joint Venture meeting, NUP and LCR finalised an exploration program for 2010 which included a drilling program comprising 200 hundred meters of diamond core drilling. The drill program is designed to test whether uranium mineralisation occurs on or near the Seigal Volcanics/Westmoreland Conglomerate contact and a NE trending structure. This target is analogous to the location of known mineralisation at the nearby NE Westmoreland prospect on the tenement and NuPower sCobar II prospect. Mr. MickMuir, NuPower sExecutiveChairman stated We are pleased to commence the Joint Venture activities on the Lagoon Creek tenement. This program will also provide additional regional knowledge of the Westmoreland region. Given the close proximity of the Lagoon Creek tenement to NUPswholly owned Cobar IImining lease, this program providesan opportunity to leverage the company splanned exploration activities on Cobar II off this program. We are hopeful of being able to make further definitive announcementson Cobar II exploration shortly. Anthony Schildkraut ComapnySecretary For further information contact: NuPower Resources Limited Sydney, Australia +61(2) 9262 4235 Or visit our website at