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AXA Trading Halt

AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Limited – (ASX Code: AXA) Request for Trading Halt AXA Asia Pacific Holdings Limited (AXA) confirms its request that the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) grant an immediate trading halt with respect to its ordinary shares. In accordance with Listing Rule 17.1, AXA advises that: • AXA requests the trading halt pending an announcement to the market regarding the status of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) process in relation to the proposal by National Australian Bank Limited (NAB) and AXA SA for NAB to acquire the Australian and New Zealand businesses of AXA and for NAB to sell AXA's Asian businesses to AXA SA; • Accordingly, AXA requests that the trading halt last until commencement of trading on Monday, 9 August 2010, or such earlier time agreed by ASX; • AXA is not aware of any reason the trading halt should not be granted. Yours sincerely Kevin Keenan Company Secretary.