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BML: Drilling to Restart in Botswana

The Board of Botswana Metals Limited (“BML”) wishes to announce that following its review and interpretation of current and past soil geochemical work, EM and Airborne magnetic, trenching and the recent drilling results at its new Copper-Silver discovery at Airstrip Copper, it will now conduct a 5000 metre drill program (RC and Diamond) to commence on the 5th of August 2010 on its potential new Volcanogenic Massive Sulphide (“VMS”) discovery. The drilling will be focused on four anomalies areas within the new potential VMS area of discovery that includes: Dibete GEOTEM Anomaly 20G & 21A (PL111/94) where drilling is expected to commence on the 5th of August 2010. Airstrip Copper VMS Discovery site (PL110/94) following on from Dibete. Mmatsiane GEOTEM Anomaly 21 B (PL54/98) where a significant Cu-Pb-Zn anomaly associated with an extensive conductor will be drilled. Jumbo GEOTEM Anomaly 21D (PL54/98) where a significant Cu-Pb-Zn anomaly associated with an extensive conductor will be drilled. The program is expected to be completed during October 2010. The Board believes this program is designed to advance the newly discovered potential VMS incorporating these four main areas. DRILL PROGRAMAT DIBETE: (FIRST DRILL TARGET AREA) Currently up to six holes are planned to initially test the airborne GEOTEM anomalies as well as the follow up ground EM anomalies, soil geochemical anomalies and old copper workings. The proposed holes at Dibete are designed to: Hole A: test between the depth maximum of the Max Min survey and the GEOTEM limit, i.e. intersect conductors at about 120 metres at GEOTEM anomaly 20G position. Hole B: test the maximum- minimum (“Max-Min”) conductor and end of geochem. Hole C: test the Cu (copper) anomaly and area with Pb-Zn (lead-zinc) anomaly and Max-Min EM anomaly. Holes D and E: located a little to the east of the 1960’s Inco hole aimed at the old workings and at the Max Min EM anomaly. Previously recommended by independent geophysicist to Falconbridge in 1991. Hole F: test the best parts of the Max-Min anomaly just along grid strike from the plotted position of GEOTEM anomaly 21A. All holes are designed to intersect identified anomalies, so specific locations may move from the indicated positions on the map with detailed drill hole optimisation. The market will be kept informed as the drilling progresses. Pat Volpe Chairman