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OMH On Market Share Buy-Back

The Board of OM Holdings Limited (OMH) (“OMH” or “the Company”) is pleased to advise that the Company will implement an On-Market Share Buy-Back (“Buy-Back”) of up to 15 million ordinary shares, representing approximately 3% of the Company’s issued capital. The Buy-Back will continue for a 12 month period from 2 August 2010. The prices paid for any shares purchased under the Buy-Back will be no more than 5% above the average of the closing market price of OMH shares over the five previous trading days, in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules. All shares purchased under the Buy-Back will be held as treasury shares, with the Company precluded from exercising any rights in respect of those shares, including the right to attend and vote at meetings, as well as any entitlement to dividends. The total number of shares purchased by the Company under the Buy-Back will depend on market conditions. Directors who currently hold shares either directly or indirectly in the Company are not intending to offer their shares to the Company under the Buy-Back. The Buy-Back will not affect the OMH Group’s organic growth strategy. The Company’s dividend policy of declaring interim and final dividends is not expected to be impacted by the Buy-Back. Context The Company considers that the current market price of OMH shares does not reflect the underlying value, strong earnings and future potential of the OMH Group assets. Furthermore in the current environment of volatility in global equity and commodity markets, the Board considers that there are several advantages to having a program in place that would allow the Company to buy-back its ordinary shares as part of its capital management initiatives. OMH Chief Executive Officer, Peter Toth, said “In the Company’s view, the current share price does not reflect the intrinsic value in the business and the strong current and future earnings potential. The Directors believe that the Buy-Back will therefore benefit all Shareholders by delivering long-term value and maximising returns.” “OMH continues to generate healthy operating cash flows and has a very strong balance sheet with conservative gearing. The long-term outlook for the global manganese market remains positive, with manganese prices expected to strengthen in Q4 2010,” Mr Toth said. For further information please contact: Peter Toth Chief Executive Officer OM Holdings Limited Tel: +65 6346 5515 David Brook Professional Public Relations Tel: +61 8 9388 0944 Mobile: 0415 096 804 ABOUT OM HOLDINGS LIMITED OMH listed on the ASX in March 1998 and has its foundations in metals trading – incorporating the sourcing and distribution of manganese ore products and subsequently in processing ores into ferro-manganese intermediate products. The OMH Group now operates commercial mining operations – leading to a fully integrated operation covering Australia, China and Singapore. Through its wholly owned subsidiary, OM (Manganese) Ltd, OMH controls 100% of the Bootu Creek Manganese Mine (“Bootu Creek”) located 110 km north of Tennant Creek in the Northern Territory. Bootu Creek has the capacity to produce 1,000,000 tonnes of manganese product annually. Bootu Creek has further exploration potential given that its tenement holdings extend over 3,300km2. Bootu Creek’s manganese product is exclusively marketed by the OMH Group’s own trading division with a proportion of the product consumed by the OMH Group’s wholly-owned Qinzhou smelter and sinter ore plant located in south west China. Through its Singapore based commodity trading activities, OMH has established itself as a significant manganese supplier to the Chinese market, a positioned that is strengthened by products from Bootu Creek and Qinzhou. OMH is a constituent of the S&P/ASX 200 a leading securities index. OMH also holds the following strategic shareholding interests in ASX listed entities: • 15% shareholding in Northern Iron Limited (ASX Code: NFE), a company presently producing iron ore from its Sydvaranger iron ore mine located in northern Norway; • 12% shareholding in Shaw River Resources Limited (ASX Code: SRR), a company presently exploring for manganese in Western Australia and Ghana; • 19% shareholding in Scandinavian Resources Limited (ASX Code: SCR), a company presently exploring for iron ore, manganese, gold and copper in Sweden and Norway; • 7% shareholding in Territory Resources Limited (ASX Code: TTY), a company operating the Frances Creek iron ore mine in the Northern Territory.