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Valleyarm Partnership in South Africa

Transol Corporation Ltd - Valleyarm Digital Enters into Territorial Partnership Agreement for Representation in South Africa (ASX Code: TNC)  The Directors of Transol Corporation Limited are pleased to announce that its 70% owned subsidiary Valleyarm Digital Pty Ltd (“Valleyarm”) entered into a Territorial Partnership Agreement with Taumaturge Promotions Pty Ltd (“Taumaturge Promotions”) for representation in South Africa. Taumaturge Promotions will act as a conduit for Valleyarm in South Africa, as well as Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe, by facilitating deals and acting as a local Valleyarm representative. This Agreement expands Valleyarm’s content and distribution networks outside Asia to now include a significant number of southern and eastern African countries and a significant increase in potential customers. Transol has the right to earn an additional 10% (for an 80% interest) for the advancement of AUD $100,000 should Valleyarm meet or exceed set milestones. Thaumaturge Promotions is headed by Sibusiso Molefe and Bill Botes, and is a premier independent entertainment marketing and management logistics company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. Sibusiso Molefe has nine years experience in entertainment and marketing communications and was previously Chief Executive Officer and Founding Partner of the independent record company Buttabing Entertainment. He is currently Chief Executive Officer of Publicity Stunt, an entertainment, marketing and consultancy company handling the careers of several major award winning artists. Bill Botes is a music and brand consultant, with 20 years experience in the South African and international music markets (including music management, touring and promotion, design and brand logistics and also music publishing). He is a Founding Member of the Music Managers Forum South Africa and a representative on the South African Music Exports Council. Emerging from a collective of music industry experts, Valleyarm is positioned as Asia Pacific’s leading digital distributor, publisher and marketer of independent music and video content, along with representation in southern and eastern Africa. Valleyarm specialises in digital distribution, publishing and online marketing of music and video content focused primarily on content and services within the Asia Pacific region. The Valleyarm catalogue consists of over 40,000 individual tracks including local artists such as Dragon, Goyte, Clare Bowditch, Doug Anthony All Stars and International Artists such as Nidji and Peterpan. The company has developed a unique solution emphasising an “Asia-Out” “Asia-In” model to provide digital music content, sub publishing and marketing services to monetise Asian content outside of Asia, including a gateway for western content owners to monetise content within Asia. For further information, please contact Angus Edgar on +61 3 8610 8633. ANGUS EDGAR DIRECTOR