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Updated Auckland Airport Monthly Traffic Update July 2011

July 2011 Monthly traffic update 6.7% Total international passenger volumes increased by 6.7% over July 2010. Traffic to/from Asia grew by 9.4% over July 2010. 5.1% International MCTOW for the month was up 5.1% over July 2010. Most major airlines increased their operated MCTOW over July 2010. 0.4% Domestic passenger figures for July 2011 were 0.4% up on July 2010.

July 14th saw Jetstar commence daily flights on the Auckland Dunedin sector. 26.2% Travel to Auckland by passengers resident in China increased by 26.2% over July 2010. China was the second largest inbound market after Australia in the month of July. Seat capacity on direct services from China increased by 12.5% over July 2010..