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Murchison renews reassurances over Mid West projects

On Wednesday 17 November 2010, 16:00 EST

Murchison Metals has assured shareholders at the company's annual general meeting in Perth that its joint venture partner Mitsubishi remains committed to its Mid West projects.

Mitsubishi and Murchison have joint venture agreements for the proposed Oakajee Port and Rail project and the Jacks Hills iron ore development.

But shareholders became concerned after the timeline for Oakajee was set back and rumours that Mitsubishi was considering pulling the plug.

Murchison's executive chairman Paul Kopejtka says there is no substance to any of the rumours.

"Both ourselves and Mitsubishi are committed," he said.

"In fact you just have to look at the spend that both ourselves and Mitsubishi will be making over the next six, nine months to show the commitment of ourselves and our joint venture partner."